Barkerville Two Day Admission

Embark on a two-day trip back to the 1860’s and surround yourself with over 125 heritage buildings and displays. Take a town tour and explore this world-class heritage site thriving with rich history.  Watch an authentic wooden Cornish Waterwheel in action and learn about the working conditions of an underground mining operation during the Waterwheel Show. Then explore one of Canada's oldest Chinatowns and see how Chinese merchants and miners lived on a Chinatown Tour. Explore the historic town and choose from 31 different activities to do during the main season and see what it was like living in the 1860’s.


  • Photo 1: Thomas Drasdauskis
  • Photo 2: Thomas Drasdauskis
  • Photo 3: Thomas Drasdauskis


Adult $15.25 CAD *
Child - 4 to 12 years $5.50 CAD *
Child - up to 5 years are FREE
* + GST. Prices per person.

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