Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Victoria Butterfly Gardens offers your only opportunity to experience warmth, beauty and romance of a tropical jungle without going to the tropics. Stroll through this indoor tropical wonderland, where Caribbean flamingos walk through the streams and ponds among the beautifully coloured koi, goldfish, jack dempseys, albino Oscars, tetras, barbs, jaguar cichlids, plecos, Australian whistling tree ducks and red-eared slider turtles.

In the climate-controlled environment, you will wander through lush jungles of plants native to tropical rain forest environments. Stroll along the trails past organic vanilla beans growing on the vine, papaya trees, pineapple, coffee beans, ginger and many other foods of the world growing in our organic soil.

Visit our new insectarium for a unique opportunity to experience an array of impressive insects and invertebrates from around the world. Learn about how the insects survive in nature; by utilizing amazing traits such as camouflage, mimicry and intimidation. Witness complex social behaviour of a full live leaf clutter ant colony as they transport food and debris around their habitat.


Adult $15.00 CAD *
Child 13 to 17 years $10.00 CAD *
Child 5 to 12 years $5.00 CAD *
Children 4 and under - free
* + GST. Prices per person.

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