Ocean Falls

Ocean Falls, at the head of the Cousins Inlet near Bella Bella, is known for its rainfall – almost 5 metres a year. The town, home to about 50 residents, is approximately 500 kilometres north of Vancouver in British Columbia’s mid-coast, one of the most breathtaking areas in the world. Massive granite peaks a mile high spring out of the deep ocean, and the shoreline is covered in old-growth rainforest that’s inhabited by astonishing wildlife. You can watch the otters and seals in the bay, whales and sea lions further out in the ocean, and deer, bear, mountain goats, wolves and cougars in the forest. Canada geese, eagles and blue herons dot the sky. There’s legendary trout fishing and almost unlimited outdoor adventures in the rainforest.

Top 5 things to do

  • Go wildlife viewing
  • Enjoy spectacular pristine scenery
  • Go trout fishing
  • Kayak and canoe in the ocean
  • Walk along the coastal shoreline