Thetis Island

This small island, which sits in the protected waters of the southern Strait of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the mainland, was named for the HMS Thetis, a Royal Navy ship that was stationed there in colonial days. Just 10 square kilometres in size, the island nonetheless offers several amenities, including a general store on the docks and a post office. Most people access Thetis from Telegraph Harbour, which buzzes with sailing and fishing boats, float planes and even yachts. The surrounding waters are clear and cold, with strong tidal streams that draw fish, oysters and clams, along with otters, whales and seals. And the waters are ideal for kayaking, scuba diving, boating and fishing. On the beaches, you can beachcomb, walk or birdwatch, or you can head up into the trails to hike or mountain bike. There are also golf courses, and the Thesis Island Vineyards on Pilkey Point, which sit on a natural sandstone bluff and offer panoramic views.

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Top 5 things to do

  • Go boating and sea kayaking
  • Visit Thetis Island Vineyards for wine tasting or tennis
  • Search for seafood including clams, crabs, shrimp and mussels
  • Go ocean diving
  • Beachcomb or walk along the many beaches