Saltery Bay

Located on the southernmost tip of the upper Sunshine Coast, this coastal area has a beautiful provincial park and a variety of marine parks. The Saltery Bay Provincial Park, which is divided into a campground and day-use area, offers rocky beaches with swimming and picnic sites. At low tide, the rocky shoreline is dotted with tidal pools that reveal starfish, crabs, small fish and sea urchins. The campground area is surrounded by lush forests, which makes the area peaceful and quiet. The area also offers marine parks that draw boaters and kayakers, along with many scuba divers. Divers often come to Mermaid Cove to see the 10-foot bronze mermaid sculpture designed by Simon Morris, which is sunk at 20 metres (65 feet), and to see Octopus City, an area rich in underwater marine life. The land offers many unique hiking and biking trails such as the marathon Elephant Bay Loop Trail, which opens up on panoramic views of Jervis Inlet and Lois Lake, and the 180-kilometre Sunshine Coast Trail, which starts and ends in Saltery Bay.

Image Credit:

Victoria Kroh

Top 5 things to do

  • Go diving in Mermaid Cove
  • Enjoy a picnic in Saltery Bay Provincial Park
  • Explore tidal pools
  • Mountain bike on famous long wilderness trails
  • Visit a marine park